Samsung Pay Now Supports Some More UK Banks

By Tom Pritchard on at

I can't see why anyone would want to sign up for Samsung Pay over Android Pay, and I say that as an S7 owner. For all intents and purpose the payment system is the same as Android Pay, but also worse. Mainly because it doesn't have the support as many banks.

Well the gap is closing a bit, because today it's been revealed that three more banks are supporting Samsung Pay. HSBC, First Direct, and M&S Bank join Santander, Nationwide, and credit company MBNA. So that's nice, but Samsung is still quite far behind Google and Apple when it gets right down to it.

If Samsung could only get Barclays on board, then it might get a wee bit of an advantage over Google. You know because the bank has been notoriously stubborn about integrating other mobile payment services, and only joined Apple Pay last year. Android-wielding Barclays customers are still forced to use Barclays' own mobile payment service.

It's also such a huge shame that the UK version of Samsung Pay is the same as regular NFC payments. The wireless magnetic strip compatibility would have done a lot to make it stand out.

But if you trust Samsung over Google, or you prefer to use the easily-hackable-in-extreme-circumstances Iris Scanner in lieu of fingerprint verification, then this is probably good news. Particularly if you're with one of those three banks. Those of you who aren't, well, sorry, you're going to have to be patient. [Engadget]

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