Scottish School With One Pupil Needs a New Teacher

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Scottish school of Foula Primary is after a new teacher, and it shouldn't be too much like hard work as from next term there's only going to be one child attending.

Such is the way on small island schools like the one on the island of Foula, which sits off the coast of the larger island of Shetland and currently has a total population of just 32 people. The teacher position is being advertised with a salary of £49,000 attached, oh and a house to live in because that's what it's like in rural Scotland, and being out on Foula with your Z post code means you'd not have much to spend it on so could retire after ten years or so with half a million in the bank.

Departing head Jayne Smith warns that life out there can be particularly harsh, mind, telling the BBC of one winter when ferry and plane links with the outside world were cut off for three weeks due to the weather. So an ability to live on rice and tinned fish for weeks at a time would be an advantage to any successful applicant. [BBC]

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