Sky Mobile's New Service is Dirt Cheap

By Ian Morris on at

Sky likes to keep its punters sweet, and offering a very low cost mobile service is a good way to do that. Today's new deal offers 500mb of data with unlimited calls and texts for just £5 per month. Sky is pitching it as ideal for users who aren't bothered about using data on the go, and those who have constant access to Wi-Fi.

Sky also gets some serious mobile props for rolling over data. So if you manage to use less than 500mb of data in any given month then it will simply be rolled over to use at any point over the next three years. Although it's unlikely most 500mb tariff users will make use of this, it's handy on Sky's other plans.

If your use varies a lot too, then you can add in extra data. So while you start with a small amount you can pay for extra when you need it. And thanks to those lovely EU legislators, you can take your data to an country in the union and surf the net for no extra charge. Lovely stuff.

Sky isn't the only company offering deals this cheap. For example Plusnet has a £5pm plan with 500mb of data, although its calls and texts are limited. And BT has a deal for £5 that includes 500mb and 400 minutes for £5. Both deals, like Sky's, require you are buying a home broadband or phone service as well. Plusnet's deals are still pretty great for non-customers too. Plusnet is also the only one that has 30 day contracts too.

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