Sony Makes An Effort To Make Video Streaming Less Frustrating

By Ian Morris on at

You can't please humans, we've now got to the point where we can basically watch an unlimited about of TV over the internet. But we're not happy, and why? Because we have to jump in and out of different apps, that's why. So Sony is making a change to the PS4 which will see all your video in one place.

The new TV and Video interface allows you to see shows from both subscriptions services, like Netflix along with those from more traditional stores, like Sony's own. The advantage of this is that you'll be able to see, at a glance, what's new and popular without having to jump in and out of individual services.

On the downside, this might have the "Amazon effect" where you'll see video and be unsure if it's included, or if you need to pay for either a rental or purchase. This can be frustrating to consumers, who may see things and think "great, it's mine already" and then be told to pay more money. It's also a pain in the genitals if you've got kids because they're incapable of differentiating between stuff you own and can stream with stuff that needs you to drain your long-suffering bank account.

Providers included are Sky, Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, Channel 4 and the BBC. And of course, the PS Video store is included in this too. Not a bad idea at all, and perhaps it's time for more of this sort of thing on various platforms, it would certainly be a big help in discovery and help people get more from their services.

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