Sort of New JRR Tolkien Book Published Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new-ish book by original fantasy lord JRR Tolkien is published today, one that gives fans a fresh look at a part of his immense background collection work The Silmarillion.

It's called Beren and Lúthien, and is an earlier version of the story included in The Silmarillion, one following the lives of a mortal man and his elf lover. You can imagine the hilarious scrapes that quirky pairing gets into!

This version of the text has been collated and edited by Tolkien enthusiast and actual Tolkien Christopher Tolkien, the author's son. He's 92 now, and was aided in the assembly job by illustrator Alan Lee. Originally written in 1917 after the author's return from the trenches of the first world war, the tale was then revised numerous times and spread about across the Middle-earth series, with this book presenting it as a standalone story for the first time -- and including the later revisions alongside for comparison. [BBC]

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