Sucking The Tube Clean With Magnets And Hoovers

By Ian Morris on at

The underground is by all accounts, a filthy place. It may not be dangerous in its filth, but it could certainly do with a little clean. So TFL and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have announced that they're going to suck it clean with special vacuum cleaners and magnets.

Magnets will, apparently, help tidy mostĀ of the metal particles that are produced by trains grinding away at the tracks night after night. They may not be bad for us, but cleaning them up probably isn't a bad idea. And if you collect enough metal filings you can make a whole new tube train. Recycling baby, yeah!

London's trademark underground dirt will be hoovered up too. It will reduce the risks of tube air becoming dangerous, and while it's not a huge concern at the moment, it sounds like they want to do all they can now, in case we later learn that some piece of filth down there is causing health problems for people.

The Mayor says it's been 10 years since the last comprehensive air quality study on the underground. Monitoring, to ensure air quality stays high, will also be carried out at 12 stations and results will be shared with commuters.

Now if we can just make sure people keep their shoes on, feet of the seats and wash their hands after going to the toilet then we should be golden on the healthy transport links. [via: Evening Standard]

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