Taking a Side Street Halves Exposure to Fumes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Taking the long way round and avoiding busy traffic routes can halve your exposure to air pollution, with the simple creation of clean air pathways through cities having the potential to drastically limit the amount of black stuff people breathe in -- and the drivers get to keep their lovely cars so everyone's happy.

The group that said this thinks signposting cleaner air long-cuts might therefore benefit public health, and has assembled a London-centric Clean Air Walking Routes map that does exactly that. At the moment this creates pathways through London that avoid the busiest of traffic arteries, making it easy for commuters to retool their walking routes to get out of the worst diesel stink pipelines.

The research was funded by Cross River Partnership, with boss Brendon Harper saying: "There is a lot of work going on to improve air quality in London but we are not going to get to the point any time soon in the next couple of years where we are meeting the WHO targets. So it is very important we encourage people to change the way they walk and cycle so they can reduce their exposure." [Clean Air Walking Routes via Guardian]

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