The EU Wants To Create Sensible Rules For Drones By 2019

By Ian Morris on at

By 2019 the EU wants to have clear drone rules in place. This can only be viewed as a good thing, because the current state of affairs is a mess. The rules will introduce a standard across the EU and mean that anyone can use a drone across the region without worrying about local rules.

The European Aviation Safety Agency will work with the member states to make sure that their requirements and needs are factored into the eventual legislation. The EU would seek to set rules that regulated all drones, no matter what their weight, and ensure that those rules were related to the risk involved in flying.

Ultimately the rules would govern drone flight in a newly-created "U-Space" which would go up to 150m. There will be identification systems—to identify drones and their owners—and geo-fencing which will make it impossible to fly drones in certain areas. These might include prisons, or sensitive military bases along with the more obvious places like airports.

What is crucial is that these new rules don't hamper an enjoyable piece of technology. Drones are great for recreational, filming videos and, of course, professional use in the TV and movie industries. It seems important not to make it prohibitively hard for people to use their drones to have fun while ensuring professionals have the relevant insurance and so on.

Of course, drones are reasonably safe right now, and fairly unlikely to hurt anyone. The problem is, it's only a matter of time before one of them falls from the sky and does some real damage to a person or property. It's important we are able to restrict sensitive areas, as well as stop idiots flying too close to commercial aircraft.

But please, let's not make it impossible to go to the park and have some fun videoing a dog going bonkers at one hovering overhead. [via: Engadget]

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