The Future Of Flying Cars Looks Like South Park's Buttmobile

By Gizmodo Australia on at

This is the AirQuadOne. It's a flying car concept that Wired is calling 'serious'.

It also looks a lot like the buttmobile thing that Mr Garrison invented in South Park.

But before I mercilessly rip the piss out of this thing, I will explain what it is and what it's supposed to be doing.

TL;DR it's concept art for a flying car of sorts, because the Paris Airshow is about to kick off and flying cars are a thing everyone is thinking about. The above is Neva Aerospace's concept. You can find out more here, but apparently it'll yield a 30 minute flight time at 50 at 80kmph. Which is just about fast enough to kinda be useful. Maybe.

It'll almost certainly be ludicrously expensive and — if the concept art is anything to go by — you'll have to be wearing some pretty sweet spandex to even enter the thing.

I mean it's silly, right. But baby steps. A lot of smart people seem to think that flying cars might be a possibility and I for one want to live in that world. Even if I have to wear spandex to do it.

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