The Han Solo Movie Might Just be Called 'Solo'

By Tom Pritchard on at

When Lucasfilm decided that Han Solo was going to get a solo feature, they had the tricky problem of coming up with a name for the thing. Will it be called Han Solo, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, or Star Wars: Han Solo?

Turns it it might be none of those geniusly inventive and original titles, if this alleged crew t-shirt from Reddit is legit:

So Han Solo's solo outing is simply call Solo. I bet you are utterly thrilled and shocked at that. Or at least appalled by the random placement of the blaster in place of an L.

Personally I'm more concerned about the 'We Shot First' slogan, which is itself based on a stupid meme. Han can't shoot first if Greedo didn't have the chance to get a shot of his own in. [Reddit via GamesRadar]

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