The iPhone Turns 10 Today, but How Many of You Actually Bought One?

By Tom Pritchard on at

June 29th 2007 was a big day, because that was the day Apple released a little-known device called the iPhone onto the world. That's right, it's been ten years since we were first able to get our hands on iOS - even if the App Store wouldn't launch until a year later.

Despite the fact that Giz UK's commenting community hold some fairly anti-Apple views (to say the least), the original phone itself was a revolutionary piece of kit that inspired the design of virtually every smartphone over the past 10 years. Even though the original iPhone wasn't the sale juggernaut we know and love/hate today, Apple still managed sellĀ 3.7 million iPhones in 2007.

I didn't have the funds to buy frivolous things like the latest mobile phone back in 2007, but I remember asking my Dad if he was planning on getting one. The answer was no, becauseĀ it didn't have 3G. He then did buy a 3G model, and has been an iPhone user ever since - despite my assertions that he'd be better off spending his money elsewhere.

So what about you? Were you in a big long queue to buy the original iPhone? Did you wait for a more advanced model? Or have you shunned Apple products since long before Steve Jobs threw the company into the telecommunications game? Let us know in the comments.

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