The Real News Today: Taylor Swift Is Back On Spotify

By Ian Morris on at

Taylor Swift withdrew her back catalogue from all music streaming services back in 2015, with the exception of Apple Music, which had the exclusive rights to steam 1989 and Swift's other albums. Now though, Swifty is back on Spotify and other streaming services.

Timing a bit suspicious on this? Well, as Rhiannon Williams points out in the iPaper this might be something of a spoiler for Katy Perry's new album, Witness which launches today for download and streaming. The pair have "beef" which Katy Perry recently explained neatly on Karaoke Carpool with James Corden. Watch below, the clip should start at the relevant point:

And of course there's the grim financial truth that Swift's latest album is getting a bit old now. It's likely that everyone who was ever going to buy it has done so by now. As such, she's not raking in coin from it, and it may as well go back on Spotify.

Also, there was a change in policy at Spotify a little while back. Previously the firm had refused to allow artists to block their music from the free service while keeping it on the paid area. This, however, was recently reversed in preparation for Spotify's long-awaited IPO. To get the best share price, the company needs to keep artists sweet and have a good, comprehensive service.

Spotify currently has 50 million paying customers and the same again in filthy, ad-supported freeloaders.

Image: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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