The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It has been a big week with lots of news. Some good, some terrible, and some kind of meh. It's the perfect time for the weekend, and we just have to get through Friday to get there. If you need to pass the time, make sure to check out this latest batch of apps.


Free: Android | iOS

If you're young and/or single chances are you live with other people, and have to split the costs of maintaining your home. This app makes all that nice and easy, along with tools that let you set everything up in the first place. You can track and split any household cost, regardless of what it actually is (energy, Netflix, it doesn't matter), letting you see who owes what. There are also options for paying each other in-app, along with the option to switch your power to 100% renewable energy and sort out a broadband connection. Mainly, though, it's that money tracking thing, which should help to prevent a few arguments.

Companion: Mobile Personal Safety

Free: Android | iOS

This one is a tool for peace of mind, letting you share your location with friends or family (whether they have the app or not) so they can keep tabs on you and make sure you're ok. If something goes wrong (like you start running, your phone falls, headphones get pulled out, and so on) it'll ask you if you're ok, and if you don't respond within 15 seconds it'll alert your companions something's up. It also lets you call the police in-app, and report an area if it makes you feel unsafe (for whatever reason).

Glastonbury 2017

Free: Android | iOS

Festival season is upon us, and we all know that Glastonbury is the biggest of them all. So for all the may people heading down, EE has once again updated its official app to help them find their way around. It's got an interactive map of the grounds, custom map pins that can be shared with other people (handy for logging the position of your tent), a personalised line-up, and Apple Music integration to let you sample songs from all the acts.


Free: iOS

Designed to 'bring the showroom to your living room', Pair uses augmented reality to place all sorts of furniture into you living room - so you can see what it looks like (and if it'll fit) without having to buy it or take lots of pesky measurements. What's more you can go to 'live mode' and wander around your house checking things out from different angles  to make sure you get the best idea of what's what.

Notebook (Update)

Free: iOS

This one is a cross-device notebook with various different features to help keep your notes organised and available on any iDevices you might own - while still maintaining security. It's just had a huge update too, bringing with it a file card system, support for the iPad Pro, Evernote integration, a web clipper for Safari (in addition to the one for Chrome, improvements to synchronisation, and more. If you're tired of Apple Notes, or the fact that Evernote basically snoops on everything you write, this is well worth checking out.

Samsung Secure Folder

Free: Android (Samsung Only)

If you have a Samsung device running Android 7.0 or above, this might be worth taking a look at. It's an encrypted folder that uses Samsung's Knox security to safeguard specific files or apps, storing them separately on your device and offering an extra level of security - protecting them from malicious attacks. Of course its security is only as good as your passcode/password, so make sure it's a good one!

Surface Pixel

Free: Windows

This one is nice and simple. It's a portfolio for artists and other creative types, letting them showcase their work with a timeline based system, with the option to let people offer feedback with annotations. It also has an area for uploading textures for people to upload and download as they see fit, so the whole world can take advantage of them if they feel the need.


Free: Android

This one lets you create your own five page stories to share different details of your life, using a mix of 2D photos and videos, plus 360-degree photos. Once in the app you can fancy them up with text and audio. Naturally this app works best in VR, but if you're not one for using a headset it will work just fine without one. It's basically a social network in virtual reality, and might be worth checking out if you're sick and tired of the usual suspects.

Zombies Run! (Update)

Free: Android

The running app that adds some extra motivation by simulating a horde of zombies snapping at your heels. It puts you in your own zombie adventure story, having you run missions and get some exercise in the process. Season 6 kicked off about a month ago, but the latest update is a bit smaller. It's added integration with Google Fit, so you can sync your data from this and combine it with any other fitness data you might have.