The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

This week is absolutely killing me, and doing wonders for my productivity. And by that I mean my productivity is tanking. If only summer holidays were a thing for adults... Even though it's June and the schools haven't shut down yet. But, you know, someone has to earn money to pay the rent.

For me that involves writing these app lists up for you, so here's the latest batch for you to enjoy.


Free: Android | iOS

Dribble is a community designed to function as a 'show and tell' for designers, essentially letting them showcase their own work to the wider world, and discuss things with fellow designers or people who might be interested in hiring them. Now it's available on the go, keeping designers and the rest of the world connected regardless of where they are.

Email Insights

Free: Windows

A Microsoft Garage project, letting you add any Outlook and Gmail accounts to a single unified search - so that you can find all those important emails quickly and efficiently. It has autocomplete functions, spell check, and filtering options that will let you find all the important stuff without having to scroll through a million different emails.

ES Disk Analyzer

Free: Android

It can be important to clear up space on your device's storage every once in a while, and ES Disk Analyzer can find any redundant files clogging up space. It'll show up files larger than 10mb, duplicate files, empty directories, any redundant junk files that you don't actually need any more. It also has an image compression system to make sure all your snaps aren't using up any space they don't really need.

Flow for Facebook


Free: Windows

Hate the regular Facebook web client, or the app? Maybe try this out. It's a lightweight version of Facebook that uses less data, and doesn't screw you out of the important features like Messenger. It also lets you hide sponsored posts, play videos and open links without leaving the app, and support for Windows Hello.


Free: Android | iOS

A social network for anyone who's enthusiastic (or simply curious) about skateboarding, kitesurfing, padding, and surfing, letting them get in touch and share their love for what are generally considered quite niche sports. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, seasoned vet, or someone wanting to reach out and teach, if you like any of that this is a must-have.

OLIO (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

This one is designed to connect you with people in the local community and shops, to work together to make sure none of your food is going to waste - saving it from going off and getting thrown in the bin. Loading up the app lets you see a list of food in the local area that's on offer, and lets you add anything you might want to get rid of. While it's mainly for food, users can also offer other things like toiletries, cleaning products, and so on. The latest update lets people use the app to raise money for charity, with the option to give and receive donations through the app.

Shadaam - GIF+ Sound


Free: Android

GIFs are brilliant, even if they do struggle with the whole file size issue. One way they could be improved, however is with sound. Some of the time anyway. But rather than coming with some generic sound, Shadaam lets you add your own voice recordings to exiting GIFs - for that extra-personalised feel. It's still in beta, though, so there might be a few bugs here and there, but if you're bored of image-only reaction GIFS then this is one to try.

Free: Android | iOS

A platform for esports fans, letting you watch, record, and stream esports game in full 360-degree VR-compatible video. It's completely free and works with even the cheapest of VR headsets (like cardboard), though that's not entirely necessary to watch everything.

Spotify Music

Free (with optional subscription): Windows

The official Spotify app has finally hit PC on the Windows store, for everyone bored of the regular desktop app that's been around for years. This has been around on Windows phones for what feels like forever, but now you can enjoy that Windows 10 aesthetic on your desktop. Everything you can do on Spotify you can do here, so if you still support your favourite musicians with streams worth 0.004p a piece, give it a download.

Swiftkey Beta (Update)

Free: Android

If you're a Swiftkey user, and want to try all the latest features as soon as they're available, this is well worth a download. The latest version adds GIF support inside the emoji menu. It only offers categories for now, but since GIFs are the superior form of communication it makes everything better. Also included hashtag predictions, and transliteration for more Asian languages.

Stack Overflow

Free: Android | iOS

A resource tool for coders, connecting them with people across the world who can help answer questions and solve any problems other members of the community come across. That's a pretty basic description of everything, but if you're a coder and want somewhere to look for help whenever you need it, it might be worth trying - instead of going straight to Reddit.