The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Well the nice weather stopped almost as quickly as it started, but at least we don't have to sit in our own homes moaning about how hot it is - all while drowning in a pool of our own sweat. Instead we get to sit inside and moan about the rain, because we can never be happy about anything in this country. While you're all no doubt busy being miserable about something or other, make sure to check out these apps and see if they can lift your spirits.


Free: Android

Samsung's been bigging up Bixby's intelligent image recognition systems, but what if you don't have the latest expensive Samsung phone? Aivon is an app that uses artificial intelligence to identify an image and pull together a bunch of relevant information you might want. Whether it's identifying a public figure, working out what something is, or even facial expressions, this should get you the stuff you need.

Cortana (Update)

Free: Android

A small update for Cortana on Android this week, letting you circumvent Google Assistant and Google Now and set Microsoft's virtual assistant as the default assistant on your device. That should make it easier to use her for everything you need, with improved calendar consistency between PCs and phones coming along for the ride.

Firefox Focus

Free: Android | iOS

The privacy-focused app from the people behind Firefox, making sure none of those meddlesome internet trackers are able to get their claws into your browsing data. That's all done by default as well, so you don't need to worry about configuring the settings yourself. It also blocks ads to speed up your browsing speed (and reduce the amount of data you use), while making it easy to delete all your cookies and browsing history.


Free: Android | iOS

One for collectors of books, or other forms of media, LibraryThing uses ISBN numbers and records from Amazon and over 65 million libraries to keep tabs on all your stuff. Be it books, DVDs, CDs, or whatever, it'll keep a catalogue of everything that you can browse through whenever you feel like it. It's just a shame it's restricted to the media, but it's a nice way to keep track of everything!

Nokia Health Mate

Free: Android | iOS

It's been over a year since Nokia took over health company Withings, and now the existing brand is being phased out in favour of the new 'Nokia Health'. Not much has changed aside from the name, but it's worth pointing out. The Withings app has had a huge overhaul to commemorate the rebrand, bringing with it a simplified design, health and wellness programmes, family profiles, personal coaching and more. It's focused on tracking your health rather than dealing with your activity, and if you want to improve somewhere (be it blood pressure, sleep, weight, and so on) it's here to help you out.

Ping (Update)

Free: iOS

Designed as a digital equivalent to business cards, Ping lets professionals share information with ease - with a single email showcasing your profile and all the relevant information you think people should have. It also lets you keep tabs on all your connections, with the latest update including location data to let you know where you actually met people you've connected with. Because nothing's worse than forgetting where you know someone, aside from maybe forgetting their name multiple times in a row.


£2.49*: Windows

Do you want to get rid of your files and make sure nobody's going to come along to try and reclaim them when you're not looking? Quantom complies with a number of military standards for data shredding, removing files from a specific folder or drive and ensuring it's trashed without possibility of retrieval. They do mention that some protocols are used by CCleaner, but if you're extra paranoid about the security of your deleted files (which is justifiable these days), or want to make sure sensitive information is kept confidential, then this could help,

*For the next two days. It's normally £8.79

Sweat Deck

Free: iOS

It's easy to get in a rut at the gym, which can make the whole thing a lot more boring than usual - which isn't going to do your motivation a load of good. Sweat Deck is a system based on a deck of cards, helping you mix things up with unlimited combinations of different workouts to ensure that you get your workout done properly without losing interest in what you're doing. It's free, but there is a Pro purchase that gives you access to more exercises, exercise sets, custom workouts, timers, and more.


Free: Android

A network for film lovers who also happen to be friends, letting you share your own reviews of films with other people you know. Naturally that also means you can see reviews they've written, and keep track of any films of TV programmes you'd like to watch in the future. It's pretty basic, but it's a helpful little tool if you like films, and have friends.