There's Never Been A Better Time To Buy Heathrow Terminal 1

By Ian Morris on at

Heathrow Terminal 1 closed in June 2015 after 47 years of service. It has sat empty and unloved ever since, full of working equipment and just poised, waiting to accept a passenger once again. But now, the dream is over for poor Terminal 1; its contents will soon be sold to the highest bidder and eventually the shell will be pulled down and replaced with a larger Terminal 2.

So if you've ever wanted to own 110 check-in desks, 15km of stainless hand and foot rail systems or have your very own Smiths Barringer Ion Scanner at your front door, now is your chance. That's right folks, there's an auction happening and you could turn your dreary family home into a functional airport terminal.

Fancy your very own check-in desk?

Imagine the scene: you get home from a long day at the office. You don't want to carry your work bag in with you, so just drop it off at the nearly-new bag drop you've installed in your front garden. The Logan Fabrication Baggage Delivery System will then whisk it into your home with minimal fuss. Then just hop on the travelator and slide to your front door.

Store and display your own luggage in style

And guess what, your home can be the safest on the street thanks to your newly-installed L3 Technologies Pro Vision Body Scanner. No more bombs sneaking into your abode, just humans whose intimate body shapes will be scanned in high resolution upon entry. You might also opt to purchase one of the Alluser Industries Airlock Security Doors for additional protection from rogue elements.

Then, once you're ready to settle back and watch TV on your repurposed gate display TV (with only minimal burn from years of displaying high-contrast images). You'll spend this time enjoying the comfort of your airport seating, selected by you from the 4000 available to buy at low, low prices.

Perhaps some new executive-style lounge furniture?

Then, fatigued from your day it's time to get the Kone Two Story Passenger Elevator up to bed. You'll brush your teeth with leftover Business Class was kit contents and head to bed. Sadly there are no beds in this auction so you'll have to make do with a Vanderlande baggage carousel.

Sleep tight.

Auction information is available on the CA Global Partners site. [Image via: CA Global Partners]

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