This Kodi Box is being Recalled Because it's an Electrocution Risk

By Ian Morris on at

A Chinese-built set-top-box commonly used for Kodi is a fire riskĀ according to an EU recall notice. The device has, apparently, poor design that might lead to customers being electrocuted. The notice suggests insulation on the power supply is also inadequate.

Advice is to stop using this device immediately and return it for a refund.

And this is where the trouble is likely to start, as these devices may have come from individuals or companies and have been sold on eBay. You could contact the person you bought your device from, or perhaps go direct to eBay or PayPal to seek a refund if that doesn't work. Ultimately, though, it's probable that most people will be stuck with a box they have to put in the bin.

The recall says that the power supply has the code ANU-050250A written on it. If you have an Android TV or "Kodi" box with one of these supplies it would be worth you pulling the plug on it immediately. It's not clear from the recall if the power supply could be replaced to cut the danger - it's probably not just the PSU causing problems there though.

As you might imagine, the copyright police had previously suggested that people were putting their lives at risk using hardware from unproven manufacturers. These products may well not conform to current EU safety standards and may pose a legitimate risk.

If you want to get a decent box to run Kodi, you may need to take a look at the more reputable devices out there, like an Amazon Fire TV or Nvidia's excellent Shield TV.

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