This Tactical Voting Chatbot Could Flip Several Key Seats Today

By James O Malley on at

A clever Facebook chatbot might be about to change the results of the election in several key constituencies.

The bot, which has been built by campaign group Best for Britain, is designed to encourage tactical voting for candidates who oppose an "extreme" Brexit, of the sort that Theresa May is pursuing. The group is backed by Gina Miller, the woman who famously took the government to court and forced a vote in Parliament over Brexit.

If you go and have a chat, it'll talk you through how tactical voting works, and enable you to type in your postcode and get custom on advice on how you can best use your vote to ensure that Britain gets the best possible deal when it goes through the wretched Brexit process.

The makers of the bot point to several constituencies where their bot could already be making a difference:

In Brighton Kemptown (currently help by the Tories with a 690 majority), three times this number of people have already used the tactical voting tool.

In Gower, another super close Tory seat, ten times as many people than the size of the majority have looked up the best way to tactical vote. And in Brentford and Isleworth, Labour hold the seat by just 465 votes - but over twice as many have used the bot.

Nation-wide, the makers reckon that half a million people will have used the bot by election day (tomorrow).

If you want to try it before heading down to the polling station, you can do so here.