Tim Hortons Finally Comes To Britain - Opening Today In Glasgow

By James O Malley on at

Good news if you don't mind gaining weight: Legendary Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons has today opened the doors of its first UK store - in Glasgow.

The chain, which is named after the Ice Hockey player who founded it in 1964, is something of a Canadian institution, and is best known for selling not just donuts, but "Tim Bits" - essentially what would go inside the hole of a donut. There are now over 4000 locations worldwide, in Canada, the United States, and, er, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Today marks the first time that British gluttons have been able to properly wrap their mouths around the company's wide selection of baked goods. Previously, about a decade a go a number of Spar branches did briefly offer a selection of "Timmies" products - but this didn't last very long, much to the chagrin of literally every Canadian in London.

If you want to check out the new store, it's at 184 Argyle Street, and is open 6am-midnight every single day. Here's hoping the chain's corporate masters open more British stores soon.