Top Gear Has Started Filming For Its 2018 Return

By Ian Morris on at

The BBC Worldwide Top Gear site has announced that filming has started once again on the motoring show. A photo and short article explain that Chris Harris and Matt LeBlanc are in Norway enjoying spectacular cars and even more spectacular scenery.

The pair are testing the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and Porsche Panamera Sport in the Møre og Romsdal region of the country for films that will appear on the next season, which airs early next year. Clearly, the production process has to start reasonably early, especially as LeBlanc is busy with his CBS comedy series Man with a Plan which returns in September for its second season.

One of the good things about the Top Gear article is the comments section. Yes, you read correctly. At least as we're publishing this, the response of its return is rather positive. The dullards who couldn't handle the fact that punching people is a sackable offence have either gone to watch Hammond crash cars or have just realised that there can be two car shows without the world coming to an end. It's a good sign.

Missing in this photo though is Rory Reid who tweeted earlier that he was "filming at various pubs in Yorkshire today". It's not clear if this is Top Gear work, or if Reid has simply gone to the pub and is documenting it in a sensational video of his own.

One of the key concerns of viewers last season was that Reid had been left out of too many films. When the three are together there's some real chemistry, but too often Harris and LeBlanc went off to make a film and Rory ended up championing an electric car. Hopefully, this will be addressed in series 25 of the show. [via: Top Gear]

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