Top Gear In Trouble For Driving Top Speed In Norway

By Ian Morris on at

When Top Gear shoots a film there are always police involved to close roads, keep the public safe and to allow the production to do things they wouldn't normally be allowed to do. According to reports though, the BBC production may have pushed the Norwegian police a little too far by driving 150mph through a tunnel. The production apparently had permission to hit 90mph in the tunnel that usually has a 50mph speed limit.

The Norwegian police is now investigating, as it's unclear who was driving the car at the time. However, the BBC was quick to point out to The Drive that "neither Matt LeBlanc nor Chris Harris were with production, or in the area, at the time of this alleged infringement". As usual with Top Gear, some shots of cars being driven use production staff rather than have the presenters drive for every single pickup.

During Chris Evans' time with the show the BBC had previously attempted to get a speed limit lifted. The police refused in that case and an expensive shoot was cancelled after cars had been shipped to the Scandinavian country.

The two cars involved in the shoot were the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and a Porsche Panamera Sport and the production carried on at the normal speed limit after the incident. This was the first shoot of the new season, which returns to the BBC next year. [via: The Drive]

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