Uber Celebrating Five Years In London

By Ian Morris on at

Uber is nothing if not controversial, but it's interesting to think it's been operating in London for five years now. We know some of the bad things the company has done, but what about the changes it has brought to the capital?

Uber says that 3 million people now use the service inside London. The first journey was from St Paul's to Chelsea and 46% of Londoners say that Uber is a good alternative to owning a car. There are, apparently, 40,000 drivers using the company to make a living in the gig economy now, which is fairly impressive.

Then there's the usual trivia, two babies have been born in Uber cars with the most recent, Maya arriving in an electric car. There have been five engagements thanks to Uber Pool too, presumably because people bond over being stuck in traffic for hours on end in the back of a car.

Arguably Uber has done a lot to shake up London's black cabs. The ease with which you can pay for an Uber is an inspiration that likely helped to push contactless into black cabs recently. We all know that Uber drivers aren't as skilled as trained cabbies, but for those of us that dare live "south of the river" it's been a godsend.

Oh, and Uber's billionth journey happened in London on Christmas Eve 2015. The more you know...

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