Uber for Boats Arrives in Europe

By Gary Cutlack on at

There is now an official splinter group within Uber dedicated solely to boats, with UberBOAT about to go live for bookings in and around the coast of Croatia.

Google says the coast of Croatia is a right old mess of islands and bays and beaches and little bits of land poking out, so it seems ideally suited to having a tanned local whizz you about for a bit in a boat that you're not responsible for the maintenance of once done. Just don't let him sit next to your girlfriend.

Trips between Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik are on offer, with the option of airport runs or half or full day hires for bespoke adventures in the region. You may need to be a little bit wealthy to take up the offers, mind, as Uber's pricing suggests that a one-day boat adventure starts at €980 (£860).

There's an XL option too, if you need a bigger boat.

Uber's local boss Davor Tremac said: "UberBOAT will offer locals and tourists a new way of exploring and traveling around the Croatian coast by providing a unique yet reliable and straightforward adventure to the islands around Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik. We are confident that the service will greatly increase on-demand island travel while contributing to the overall growth of Croatian tourism."

The service launches on June 26.

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