Uber To Offer Free Rides To Disabled Voters On Thursday

By Ian Morris on at

On Thursday the UK decides who it wants to ruin the country. Will it be the naughty Trot Corbyn, Theresa Farage or the one who wants to get stoned? No matter which useless fleshbag you go for, you need to get to the polling station and Uber is trying to make that easier for disabled users.

Uber has done a deal with the charity Whizz-Kidz to enable a free ride - up to £10 in value - to users in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Riders will need to use the UberAccess option which will get them a fully wheelchair accessible car to go to the polling station.

To take part you'll need to be an "existing user" of UberAccess. If you are then the company will send you a code to redeem. If you're not a user, then Whizz-Kidz and other disability charities can send you a code.

Uber will also be sending a more general message to its customers on Thursday reminding them to vote.

Make sure you vote, we need to stay invested in democracy even if it feels like urinating into a tornado.

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