UK Parliament Suffered Confirmed Cyberattack On Friday Night

By Dave Meikleham on at

Over the last 48 hours it has been confirmed a cyberattack aimed at accessing MPs' emails took place against the UK Parliament on Friday night. In response, the government was forced to stop MPs from accessing their emails remotely on Saturday as a precautionary measure.

Speaking to Bloomberg, a House of Commons representative, who requested to remain anonymous, admitted the government had prevented members of Parliament accessing email accounts from remote locations in an effort to stop the attack from spreading. “We have discovered unauthorised attempts to access accounts of parliamentary networks users and are investigating," said the representative, who also confirmed the government is now investigating the attack with the assistance of the National Cyber Security Centre.

This attack comes just days after The Times reported thousands of credentials of UK MPs, police officers, and foreign office officials had been stolen and shared by Russian hackers. Education Secretary Justine Greening, and Greg Clark, the Business Secretary, were among the most high profile of the victims, both having email addresses and passwords stolen.

Factor in May's widespread WannaCry ransomware attack, which callously targeted NHS hospitals, and it really has been a worryingly successful year for cyber terrorists.

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