UK Spaceport Will Assist With Our Post-Brexit Trading Woes

By Ian Morris on at

Let's be honest, if you're a space enthusiast then living in the UK is a little disappointing. We don't have launches to go and watch like the Americans and New Zealanders, and while we certainly do make a big contribution to space technology, it's not the glamorous stuff like the space arm with Canada written on it. But it seems the Queen is about to get very excited about space, so much so she's ready to read out some words about it in a speech written for her by the government.

The plan is to turn the UK into some sort of space-faring nation as if to replicate the days where our ships crashed around the world's oceans looking for new lands and new indigenous peoples to displace. Now we're going to do it to space. Lookout Mars, we've got some smallpox and we're looking for a new, reddish home.

The Department for Transport hopes that the new bill will allow the launch of satellites from the UK for the first time, along with vertical launches, horizontal launches as well as the option for spaceports across the UK. It's certainly exciting to see the government look to encourage space science and exploration, no matter what your political persuasion.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said "[the government is] absolutely determined to give Britain the transport infrastructure it needs so that we can thrive and grow as we leave the European Union". Obviously we could just stay in the EU and have space stuff, but obviously leaving the EU makes all the space stuff much more important for a tiny, insignificant rock.

And if we need to have tests, we have a whole range of totally pointless things we can fire into orbit to make sure they're safe. That's right, finally a practical use for Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, The Robot PM and that pub idiot who thinks his chain that employs a vast number of Europeans will be just fine after we leave the EU. [via: The Independent]

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