Union Threatens to Put Hospital Porters in Dresses Over Trouser Length Dispute

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another war over short trousers has broken out in heatwave-ravaged and angry Britain, with this latest bit of smart/casual fury centring around hospital porter Michael Wood and the case of the rolled-up work trousers.

Wood, wilting under Wednesday's heat in his black polyester trousers, decided to take the drastic measure of rolling up the bottoms of his trousers so they approximated the fashionable three-quarter length trouser and allowed some precious air to reach his calves, knee-pits, and perhaps beyond.

This was deemed a breach of uniform policy by hospital trust contractor and his employer Medirest, which had a manager call him in for a chat and to insist he roll the trousers down again. Wood refused to promise he wouldn't later roll them up again, so was sent home.

This has infuriated staff union GMB, which has threatened to ask all of its male hospital porters to turn up in dresses should Wood not get his job back. The union's Mick Dooley said: "What we're hoping to do is get round the table and get Michael back to work, failing that, the chief executive of Watford General Hospital's going to see her porters wearing dresses. We're going to put out a message to porters [to start] wearing dresses and start wearing skirts."

Maybe the female ones could wear trousers and fake beards to show their support too. [BBC]

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