Walking Around This Interactive Room Is a Nightmarish Drug Trip Without the Drugs

By Andrew Liszewski on at

When you strap on a virtual reality headset, your body has a constant (heavy) reminder that what you’re seeing isn’t real. But what happens when virtual reality spills out into the real world? This tech-filled room is able to warp and bend reality making you feel like you’re tripping on drugs you don’t remember taking.

Designed and built by a creative studio named THÉORIZ, the mixed reality room uses a tracking system to keep tabs on someone’s movements as they walk around the space. That data is processed in real-time to allow video projectors on the ceiling to create virtual floors and walls that appear to come to life in response to movements, without a person having to wear a revealing body suit, or a clunky pair of goggles.

This is the virtual reality experience we all really want, but if you thought an Oculus Rift setup was expensive... [Vimeo via Coudal]

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