Watch The Dark Knight Trilogy Recut As A Black Panther Trailer

By Dave Meikleham on at

Marvel will never make a film as good as The Dark Knight. There, I said it. The first teaser for the studio's upcoming Black Panther flick (due out in February 2018) was slickly edited, sure. But the final film will never top Christopher Nolan's Heat-inspired masterpiece. Still, that hasn't stopped some intrepid YouTuber recutting sections of Nolan's Batman trilogy to the audio cues of the recent Marvel trailer. Meet Black Bat...

Pretty neat, huh?

I dug what little screentime Chadwick Boseman's T'Challa clawed from Captain America: Civil War, and I certainly hope Black Panther pleases fans of the character when it hits cinemas early next year. Yet those hopes can't change one irrefutable truth in my Nolan-obsessed ticker: I'll never love a superhero as much as Christian's Bale's wonderfully miserable Batman.