Watching a Banana Slug Munch a Bunch of Salad Greens Will Soothe Your Soul

By George Dvorsky on at

Banana slugs are slow. Like, ridiculously slow. Watching them eat is tantamount to watching paint dry, which is why Canadian photographer R. Jeanette Martin wisely set her phone to record in timelapse mode when she encountered a particularly hungry mollusc in her garden.

Martin, who hails from Garbiola Island in British Columbia, was walking her dog when she stumbled upon the snail, who was munching away on a dandelion leaf. The entire meal took 30 minutes to film, but the resulting 36-second timelaspe is pretty amazing. You can actually see how the snail works its way through a dandelion, slowly and methodically consuming each leaf one by one like the slimy vacuum cleaner that it is.

“This is potentially the best thing I’ve ever filmed,” wrote Martin on her Facebook page. Apparently the internet thinks so, too. Since the video was posted on June 9, it has amassed over three million views. Who knew watching a slimy invertebrate eat its vegetables could be so relaxing? [CBC]

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