Weetabix and Weet-Bix in Entirely Predictable Trademark War

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is happening in New Zealand, where it appears that Weet-Bix is the dominant form of wheat-based cereal biscuits, with our familiar local Weetabix version relegated to mere import novelty for ex-pats. Hence Weetabix is the one that the makers of Weet-Bix want kicked out of the country or censored before being put on sale.

The case saw local import food shop A Little Bit of Britain have a shipment of 300 boxes of Weetabix seized by customs, after the manufacturer of Weet-Bix somehow got wind of the delivery of the rival breakfast and lodged a complaint. Weet-Bix producer Sanitorium sent the shop a letter, saying it would only agree to the release of the impounded Weetabix if the brand name was blocked out by stickers, something the shop owners believe amounts to unnecessary bullying.

A Little Bit of Britain's Lisa Wilson said: "They are trying to force us to do what they want because they are a multimillion-dollar company, but we are not willing to bow to Sanitarium’s demands as we don’t believe there is a case of trademark infringement here and we are standing up for that principle."

Things are so serious there's even a petition to have the impounded cereal freed so that a handful of British ex-pats can breakfast like they're still back in the motherland. [Standard]

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