Welsh Jellyfish Collagen is the Next Big Thing in Medicine

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jellagen is the fantastic name for a new biotech company based in Cardiff, with the business setting up specifically to source collagen for human medicines and treatments from jellyfish. Hence they had a meeting and came up with Jellagen, a much more descriptive name than Collafish.

And yes, they really are doing it with Welsh jellyfish, or at least jellyfish holidaying off the coast of Wales, as the team is using sustainably caught jellyfish from the Welsh coast as their source of collagen, which, we imagine, is extracted by boiling them up for a few hours in a massive vat while a sad youth in a hairnet stirs the mush with a paddle.

The government doesn't say if the jellyfish are boiled or perhaps put through a mangle, all it says is that the facility on the Capital Business Park is to benefit from a £225,000 grant from Innovate UK to help ramp up production and the rendering of the sea creatures, seeing as jellyfish collagen doesn't come with the same risk of transferable disease as collagen used from animal sources.

Jellagen's Andrew Mearns Spragg explains how it works with: "Jellyfish collagen is, in essence, the root of all collagens and is compatible with a broad range of cell types. This makes it ideally suited to support the growth of a wide range of human cells and enables it to be an effective biomaterial for applications such as cell culture, wound care and regeneration."

We have contacted him to ask if they squash it out or boil it out. [GOV]

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