Yet Another News Reporter Calls Hunt A C*nt

By Ian Morris on at

The Conservative Party recently didn't fully-win a general election, in large part because the British public feel very strongly about the NHS. In particular, they are displeased with the trend of dismantling our health service and replacing it those run for-profit by the private sector. So when a broadcast journalist recently said "cunt" instead of "Hunt" it was somehow perfect.

Here's a video from Twitter:

BBC journalist Ellie Price isn't the first person to call Jeremy Hunt a cunt by mistake. She won't be the last either. Let's be honest, his name makes it easy and his piecemeal destruction NHS makes the error resonate with the public. One could even go so far as to suggest that at least some of the times this has happened have been slightly less than accidental.

Although to be fair to Hunt, people have been calling him Jeremy Cunt for ages, here's a video of James Naughtie doing it back when Hunt was Culture Secretary:

Oh, and here's a compilation of other people getting Mr Hunt's name wrong "by accident".

Poor old Jeremy Cunt eh. Still, he gets the last laugh because he's still got a fucking job despite being hell-bent of destroying the NHS. Pardon the language.

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