Yorkshire City Needs Part Time Evening Hornblower

By Gary Cutlack on at

The city of Ripon needs an official hornblower. The job pays £8.72 per hour and involves tooting a horn in the town centre a few days a week at 9:00pm. Easy money.

It's because of tradition, as for some reason Ripon has had an evening horn-tooting session every night since the year 886, and when you've been doing something for that long and through wars, depressions, recessions and council cutbacks, it seems a bit silly to just stop.

The job application [PDF] explains the task in grand terms, saying the job is: "To sound the Horn at 9.00 p.m. on an agreed number of evenings per week in the Market Square at Ripon by one blast at each of the four corners of the plinth of the Obelisk," then warns that attendance at some civic events in the official hornblower capacity may also be required, but that's OK as these come with an additional £21.12 event payment for wearing the costume. [BBC]

Image credit: YouTube

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