You Can Now Buy Sony's Xperia Tiny Touch Projector

By Ian Morris on at

Sony's Xperia Touch is a small, Android-powered projector that aims to turn almost any surface into an area of interactivity. What that means is you can watch a movie in the toilet or play a game on the breakfast table. It's self-contained, has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and access to a wold of Android apps.

The problem is it's £1,300, which makes it far more expensive than a really good TV and probably about the same price as two okay TVs. Currys had an OLED on special offer recently for £1,500 so there are some real questions about the price point of this little device. But hey, we're all doing well, Brexit means gold now rains down upon us all - so what's a piffling grand-and-a-bit to us.

The good news is that this little projector can create an 80cm image. It's also multitouch capable, so it knows what part of the projected image you're touching. That means that it's useful for games, you can play piano on it or watch videos without needing to get your greasy paws all over a touchscreen. This all makes it a nice idea for the home - or it would, if it wasn't for its expensive price.

The thing weighs a touch less than a kilogram and has a battery that Sony says will last you an hour of movie playback. Long enough for that previously-mentioned bathroom break, but not long enough to actually watch a movie. Still, you can plug it into the mains too. It will accept an HDMI input too, for projecting anything you like.

It's not the highest resolution for a projector, either. If you're in a 4K world then the 1366x768 resolution isn't going to set the world on fire.

As a curiosity piece, the Xperia Touch is up there with Sony's best. Perhaps not the robot dog, but it's certainly as good as that yellow Walkman you could take in the shower, or that little thing that rolled around playing MP3s. Sony's engineers complained when it stopped making Aibo that it thought the company had lost its creativity, so perhaps this addresses that problem.

Or perhaps it's just a massively overpriced and entirely useless projector.

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