£2m up for Grabs in Government's Anti-Terror Hackathon

By Gary Cutlack on at

The three-word brief summarising the government's new anti-terror competition is that it wants your methods of "improving crowd resilience" by whatever means necessary, as it looks to add yet more Orwellian colour to today's society by monitoring people and attempting to pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralise them.

Not much has been said about what they're looking for so far, with the details saved for an official unveiling on July 27th. The terms suggest "using the crowd as a sensor" somehow, using the magical world of data to track the mood of public gatherings. Hopefully the winner will be something a bit more ambitious than a hashtag and GPS collator.

Lucy Mason from the Defence and Security Accelerator said: "The terrible terrorist attacks in London and Manchester shocked and appalled all of us. Protecting people from terrorism is something we can all do, industry and academics and public servants. We don’t have all the answers. So we must bring together the brightest minds from the private sector, and academia to help find solutions to help keep our country and people safe and secure."

Reading between the lines, it sounds like they want Demis Hassabis to turn up with some sort of AI-run CCTV network linked to a 24/7 attack drone network to Make The Country Safe Again. [GOV]

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