Advance Train Ticket Window Shrinks to 10 Minutes Before Travel

By Gary Cutlack on at

Passengers using the train to get somewhere but not being bothered to book in advance are about to strike it slightly richer, with seven train companies reducing the cutoff point for buying Advance tickets to just 10 minutes before travel.

Following a trial run by the CrossCountry franchise, trains operated by Grand Central, Greater Anglia, Northern, TransPennine Express, Virgin Trains East Coast, Virgin Trains West Coast and the London/Scotland sleeper service are to start letting passengers buy Advance-price tickets on the day of travel, as the restriction on buying at midnight on the day before travel is removed.

RDG's Jacqueline Starr said: "Not everyone can plan journeys in advance and now more people can buy cheaper tickets on the day, even on their way to the station. We want customers to get the best possible deal whenever they travel. With 97 per cent of your fare going back into running and improving the railway, investment is driving quicker improvement, more choice and greater freedom." [Rail Delivery Group]

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