After Reading This You Still Won't Know When Samsung Plans To Announce The Note 8

By Ian Morris on at

The unrelenting tedium of the mobile launch cycle has started to crank up in preparation for the new range of glassy rectangles. Today's glassy rectangle is a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will be announced soon. But no one is quite sure how soon.

The Note 8 will launch this summer, we know that much. Reports today have suggested that August the 23rd will be when the device formerly gets revealed in a New York "Unpacked". For those with better things to worry about, Unpacked is what Samsung calls its phone launches for some reason.

However noted leaker Evan Blass, who tweets as @evleaks, thinks that the launch might actually be in the second half of September. Blass is usually very reliable and tends to only mention rumours he has complete faith in. The only problem with the September launch is that it may collide with Apple's big 10th anniversary iPhone launch. It would make sense for Samsung to launch its phone ahead of the new iPhone range and start getting those pre-orders lined up.

Going for late September would also rule out the phone making an appearance at Europe's large tech trade show IFA, which happens at the start of September this year. That makes sense though because Samsung won't want its big flagship phone to steal spotlight from all the overly-technological fridges and washing machines it has on display.

Still, it's just a phone and it will turn up sooner or later so it's probably best not to worry about it all that much.

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