Aliens Risk Criminal Damage Charges for Making Crop Circles This Summer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Aliens need to start being a bit more careful about where they park their spaceships and the ways in which they send encoded messages to humanity, as farmers are being urged to report all discoveries of crop circles to the police so that their makers can be charged with criminal damage.

The advice is coming from Wiltshire Police, which has an unusually high number of blank canvas crop fields in its area. The force says that the modern trend of drone ownership is fuelling the modern rise in crop circle production by humans, as drone operators get them built in order to film aerial footage of the shapes and rake it in through sharing the videos online.

Wiltshire Police's Marc Jackson explained: "They might seem harmless but they actually have a huge negative impact on the hardworking landowners and farmers whose crops are damaged. Creating a crop circle is criminal damage and an offence. Often immediately after a crop circle appears, people will arrive with a drone to photograph it." [Telegraph via BBC]

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