All of London's Dog Police Staff to Wear Body Cameras

By Gary Cutlack on at

The bad news is the cameras are being worn by the dog handlers and staff, not the actual dogs. The good news is members of the public can request to view any footage they might be featured in within 31 days of it being recorded, so any accused criminals can get a little video memento of their crimes.

The tech rollout will see all 200 of the Met police's frontline dog unit wearing body cameras, because of something about transparency, not because they want lots of funny clips for the force's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The Met's Neil Sawyer said: "Body Worn Video continues to be issued to all officers from Taskforce; the Dog Section being the most recent. The nature of their work means they frequently work alone so this is a vital means of capturing and corroborating evidence."

He adds that this often results in quicker guilty pleas from those accused of crimes and bad behaviour, as when they're confronted with the actual video footage it's harder to say "No I didn't" to a judge. [Mayorwatch]

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