All Our Favourite Amazon Prime Day Tech Deals

By Ian Morris on at

You know now, it's Amazon Prime Day. Amazon has a lot of great discounts so rather than paste everything into a document and blast you with a bunch of options, we've put together a more considered list of things that are pretty good deals. Move fast! They won't be around forever. (Oh, and bear in mind you need to be a Prime member to get these offers.)

Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch

Down from £300 to less than £200 (£174.99 to be accurate) and runners will pretty universally tell you that these watches are the ones to go for if you're serious about running and keeping track of your activity.

Amazon Echo

It's £70 off the Amazon Echo speaker. Now, obviously, they make the thing so they can hack the price down to £80 and still make money. So let's not all stand about applauding, but do buy this today because the product is excellent and the price is right.

The Echo Dot is also price reduced, it's good - especially to issue commands like "dim the lights" - but its audio output isn't excellent and has a bit of hiss. In the right application, it's well worth considering. Down to £34.99. There are also deals with a Bose speaker too.

Sony or LG TVs

Everyone loves a Prime Day TV deal and there are two we think work this year. First up is the 55-inch LG. It was £879, and now it's £689. This size is a real sweet spot, and will fit in the space of an older 50-inch plasma with few problems. You'll get 4K and HDR support, although this isn't a Dolby Vision set - those aren't on a cheap deal today.

Sony's KD43XE70 is also on sale, but at a shade under £600 it's not quite as good a deal as the LG and it's smaller. Still, Sony has its fans, and some people won't go any other way. That said, LG's user interface is considerably nicer. Still, this is a great option too and is a price drop from £800.

Sony A7S

First up, this is the original A7S not the A7S II. Secondly, this camera is a great video shooter but it's not designed mainly as a stills camera. Thirdly, you may be able to claim another £200 off the price of this one through a Sony deal.

If you know what you want, and this camera is on your list, this is a good price. It's body only, but the original cost was £1900 and now it's £1,449.

A cat flap

If your cat is microchipped, and it really should be, then this catflap reads that chip and only lets in cats you've authorised on the device. It's a big price reduction, from £49.50 to £35, and worth considering if you've got a moggy and want to keep out other freeloaders.

PlayStation Plus

Get 15 months for £29.99. This is a goddamn deal. Get it.

De'Longhi Eletta Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Look, this is a tough sell, it's a £399 coffee machine, but word on the street is that this is the way Donald Trump makes his covfefe and if you want in then today is the day. It's a £200 saving on the usual Amazon price of £599, and yes, it's expensive as shit. But coffee. Can you really put a price on coffee?

Razer Gaming Mouse

You're reading this thinking "who spends £52.19 on a mouse"? The answer to that question, dear reader, is you when you realise it usually costs £77.97. These mice are awesome too, and real gamers love Razer stuff because they care about the gaming.

Kindle Paperwhite

Look, it's a Kindle. The Paperwhite is a really nice device, lasts ages on a charge and is easy to read in bed. The discount is good, down from £110 to £80, and we've already accepted that Books will be called Amazons from 2026 anyway, so you might as well get on board. Happy Amazoning.

Netgear Nighthawk router

If you're using the router your ISP sent then you've failed at life. Get the Nighthawk because it's amazing and it's cheap today, down from £145 to £130. If you're quick you should get one, since it's one of the best routers on the market. It's ideal for cable and fibre broadband, but it does not include a modem so won't be okay for users on ADSL in most cases.

Hope that helps.

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