All the News You Might Have Missed at San Diego Comic Con 2017

By Tom Pritchard on at

This past weekend was the annual Comic Con in San Diego, the biggest event in the nerd calendar. The world of comics, film, TV, and general geek culture all squeeze into a single city to show off some of the stuff they have planned for the next six to twelve months. That means there's a lot of news, and despite the fact it took over Giz UK over the weekend, we didn't room for everything. So here's our rundown of all the big news we didn't have time for.

Because San Diego is eight hours behind the UK, and the fact that the convention will be continuing on way into our night, there might be a few more recent things missing from this list. That's because I am not willing to stay up until 5am updating it, because I'm not insane and don't hate myself. Never fear, though, because this will get updated once I am awake and back at my desk.

In any case here's all the news that we missed so far, in no particular order:

Arkham Asylum 2

Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham are bringing us a sequel to Arkham Asylum, titled Arkham Asylum 2. This time, however, it'll feature the adult Damien Wayne that originally appeared in Batman #666. Whether it'll be thematically similar to the original Arkham Asylum series, or whether this will be the same demonic-powered Damien we saw before, have yet to be seen.

There's also no release date yet, which is nice.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Alan Moore isn't as done with comics as he'd like people to believe, since he's bringing us one final League of Extra Ordinary Gentlemen comic next year. It's being made in collaboration with Kevin O'Neill, with the six issue series commencing next summer.

Infinity War

We don't have a trailer or a proper poster for Avengers: Infinity War just yet, but we do have this SDCC-exclusive concept art poster that showcases most of the main characters.


There's a brand new poster for the film, which looks lime it'll be justifying any latent Coulrophobia in the audience.


We finally have a release date for Marvel's teen-led ensemble series, and that's 21st November. It'll be launching on Hulu in the US, but there's currently no word of a UK distributor. Don't ask me why, but I have a really weird feeling that it'll end up on Amazon. (I don't have any insider evidence, so don't hold me to that. I really don't have a fucking clue).


It's been announced that there will be an extra two episodes added onto Legion's second series, raising the total to tn. Also revealed in San Diego is the fact that Wonder Woman's Saïd Taghmaoui will join the show as the Shadow King - alongside existing cast member Aubrey Plaza. Presumably they'll both be playing different avatars of the mental parasite.

Star Dan Stevens and creator Noah Hawley have both teased the possibility of Patrick Stewart guest starring as Charles Xavier - David Haller's father in the comics. Nothing is concrete, though Stewart has previously expressed interest in reprising his role for the show.

Death Note

There's a new teaser for Netflix's adaptation of Death Note, giving us a really good look at Wilem Dafoe's death god Ryuk.

Trek vs Wars

Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars? Adam Savage has a very depressing answer to the endless fight:

Star Trek lures you into a false sense of positivity that the world can be a utopia and recent events have proven it cannot. Star Wars’ dystopic vision is far more realistic and prepares our children for their future.

There you have it folks. Star Wars is better because Star Trek  is too damn chipper.


The death of Stranger Things'  Barb has become a meme in itself, but San Diego finally gives her death a bit of dignity with a shrine. A tacky shrine, but it's better than nothing.

Image: io9

Toys, toys, toys

Disney likes its toys, and there were plenty of new Star Wars and Thor: Ragnaork figures for Con attendees to gawp at. You can check out all the lovely pictures over at io9.

The best toy no child will ever fully-appreciate

Here is a toy many of us wished we had a child, but never actually got because 1) it didn't exist, 2) it costs a fortune, and 3) because we wouldn't have looked after it and our parents didn't want to see it go to waste. Ok that last part might just be relevant to me. I had (and still do) have a very short attention span.

Anyway, here's a kid-sized Star Wars landspeeder, powered by batteries and capable of travelling at five miles an hour.

We don't have any UK pricing information, but it'll be a Toys R Us exclusive over in the US - where it will cost £385
Seriously, kids these days don't know they're born.

Lockjaw is a Good Boy

Lockjaw looks like one of the better parts of the upcoming Inhumans TV show, but the CG-doggo has nothing compared to this giant plush version currently on display in San Diego.

#MarvelSDCC is finally here! Stop by our booth (#2329) to check out GIANT Lockjaw from "Marvel's Inhumans" and unlock a Snapchat filter.

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) July 20, 2017

I obviously want one, though maybe not as much as a giant plus Snorlax. This is a close second, though.

12 Monkeys

Here's a trailer for the fourth and final series of Twelve Monkeys

Iron Fist

Marvel has announced that the missing Iron Fist series that launched during last year's Marvel Now event will be getting resurrected as the six-part series Immortal Iron Fists. What's more, it'll be a digital-first series as part of a partnership with Comixology.

It's also been announced that Misty Knight will be jumping from one Marvel show to another, and will appear in the newly announced second series of Netflix's Iron Fist. It's not clear whether this means she will be leaving Luke Cage, but it does mean she can team up with Colleen Wing on the small screen. And let's be honest, Iron Fist needs all the help it can get.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Here's a very '80s-style ad for the upcoming home video release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

It'll be available digitally on 8th August, and will arrive on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray on 28th August.

Monsters Universe

Despite poor reception to The Mummy Universal is still adding big stars to its roster. According to The Hollywood Reporter the studio is hoping to persuade Channing Tatum to come on board as Van Helsing, who will be the focus of a still-unannounced film.

Remaking Van Helsing seems to have been on the cards for ages, but why Channing Tatum? He's nothing like the Van Helsing in Dracula. Even less so than Hugh Jackman.

Young Justice

Production on the third series of Young Justice (subtitled 'Outsiders') is well under way, and now we have a look at the roster of teen heroes on the way.

From left to right: Static, Kid Flash, Robin (presumably Tim Drake), Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal and Beast Boy.

The identity of Thirteen remains a mystery for now, though some people have their theories on her comic-counterpart, but we'll have to wait for the full series to find out for sure.

In other news here are the original team members (or, at least, the ones that are still alive) in very stealth-oriented gear.

Fear the Walking Dead

Here's a special trailer for the rest of the third series, which began last month.


During a Facebook Live with Kevin Smith, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane told Kevin Smith that the long-stagnated Spawn remake has been picked Blumhouse, the production company behind horror films like Paranormal Activity. It's no guarantee that the film will get made, but it is one big step closer to Spawn returning to the big screen.

Gears of War

Gears of War is returning to comics courtesy of IDW, with a new ongoing series that seems to be set around the time of Gears 4. Revealed to io9, it's being written by Kurtis Wiebe though the artist has yet to be announced. Issue #1 will be out in January of next year.

IDW will also be reprinting the original Wildstorm Gears comics in new collected editions.


Before we saw that Green Lantern tease in the Justice League trailer, Jason Momoa cruelly posted a tease on Instagram hinting about knowledge that something might be happening being the scenes.

DC also confirmed that there are nine films in the works: Aquaman, Shazam, Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman 2, Green lantern Corps, Flashpoint, Suicide Squad 2, and Justice League Dark. Obviously we know Aquaman is already filming, Shazam already has a director, and Geoff Johns confirmed that work on the script for Wonder Woman 2 has already begun.

Strangely missing is Nightwing, which has Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay at the helm, and Gotham City Sirens which is being directed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer.

Spider-Man vs Deadpool

The ongoing (and rather excellent) Spider-Man/Deadpool series is getting a new creative team in the form of writer Robbie Thompson and artist Chris Bachalo. The series is also being renamed from issue #23 when it will be known as Spider-Man vs Deadpool. The book will also start to include flash-froward interludes, featuring older versions of Wade and Peter in a retirement home together.

Thor Ragnarok

The new trailer gave us a great look at the characters in Thor: Ragnarok, but here are some character standees to let us see them without having to freeze-frame every few seconds.

We also have a new poster, featuring a good look at some concept art we've had a glimpse of before. It's got Loki, THor, and a pretty scary-looking Hela:

There's also a proper poster, which is less concept arty and more postery.

Gotham City Sirens

Speaking with IGNSuicide Squad's David Ayer explained why Gotham City Sirens (featuring Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Posion Ivy) is coming before Suicide Squad 2.

“It’s a story about three fantastic women who’re trying to find their way in the world, and realize that they have more power together than they do individually,” the director explained. “I have daughters, and I want to create something that might be able to help them get along in the world a little bit.”


Archie Comics don't have a big following here in the UK, but that shouldn't stop you from checking out the darker grittier adaptation that is is Riverdale (it's on Netflix). Here's the trailer for the second series, for those of you who have already kept yourselves up to date.

Black Panther

Marvel won't let us see the Black Panther footage, but we do have a nice new poster to enjoy.


There's plenty of Arrowverse casting from San Diego, and the main ones are from The Flash which has cast The 100's Neil Sandilands as Clifford Devoe, the fourth series' big bad. Devoe is a metahuman with incredible mental powers and superior intellect. Also joining is Danny Trejo as Breacher, bounty hunter from Earth-19 and father to the dimension-hopping Gypsy. With a name like Breacher, it seems like he has similar powers to his daughter (and Cisco). Finally we have Dominion's Kim Engelbrecht as The Mechanic, an engineer who functions as Devoe's right hand.

Lost and Person of Interest star Michael Emmerson has also joined Arrow in an unnamed, but recurring, role.

Meanwhile Black Lightning has cast James Remar and Damon Gupton in recurring roles:

James Remar (Dexter, Django Unchained, The Warriors) joins the cast as Peter Gambi, the oldest friend of Jefferson Pierce (series star Cress Williams). Gambi is Jefferson’s father figure, mentor and “tailor.” His history with Jefferson goes back farther and deeper than anyone knows, and Gambi’s role in Jefferson’s life will become a painful window into the past that will affect the future of their relationship forever.

Damon Gupton (Bates Motel, Whiplash, La La Land) will play Inspector Henderson, a veteran officer of the law who is now the highest-ranking detective on the force. His role in the community puts him at odds with Black Lightning (Williams), but they soon become unlikely allies.

Finally Legends of Tomorrow will see some recurring villains, with the return of Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold and Neil McDonough's  Damien Darhk. Miller is playing a brand new iteration of Leonard Snart, different to the one we've seen in past episodes. This version of Dahrk seems to be from the future, and is described as "a little less sill and a little more formidable".

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Here's our first poster for the Ant-Man sequel, featuring Evangeline Lilly's Wasp kicking all sorts of ass.

Batman: The Signal

Batman's latest protege, and former non-Bat-affiliated Robin, Duke Thomas is getting his own solo series. Titled Batman: The Signal, it'll be written by Tony Patrick.

Dirk Gently

Not the criminally-cancelled Stephen Mangan version, but the American version which replaces actual holistic detecting with Dirk's magical powers. Anyway, here's the trailer for the upcoming second series: