Amazon Prime Day Bigger Than Black Friday, Cyber Monday And Jesus

By Ian Morris on at

Amazon Prime Day was a massive success for the retailer, it transpires. Unlike Black Friday and Cyber Monday where Amazon must compete with hundreds of other stores offering discounts, Prime Day is a chance for Amazon to shine. According to numbers from the company its best seller in the UK was the Amazon Echo, which was being offered at a £70 discount.

Sales globally surpassed both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but unlike those days Prime Day is exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon says this year's Prime Day grew 60% over last year's event.

The Echo Dot was the global winner in sales, as you might expect after a decent discount reduced the cost of an already sensibly-priced device. US users were drawn to the Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker and DNA tests from 23andMe.

In the UK users bought a TP-Link Wi-Fi smart plug while the Japanese went crazy for whey protein and bottled water. The Spanish bought 64GB flash drives and Moto Gs. Germans fulfilled their wish of owning a SodaStream and the Indians couldn't get enough of the OnePlus 5. Perhaps the greatest national stereotype confirmation though was in Italy, where an Espresso machine topped the charts (after dishwasher tablets).

Amazon's figures for the day are a mixture of frightening and encouraging (if you're a shareholder). Globally Amazon says it sold 3.5 million toys and saved members hundreds of millions compared to non-members. In the UK it shifted 52,000 kitchen accessories, 232,000 homecare items and 32,000 toothbrushes, clearly, British people sending a message that our teeth are, in fact, well-maintained. Or at least will be from now on.

A glorious day for capitalism all-round then.