Amazon's Got Some New Music Deals Ahead Of Prime Day

By Ian Morris on at

You could be forgiven for thinking that Prime Day was invented by Jesus, so vehement is Amazon's promotion of it. It feels like Prime Day was always with us and should be considered as if it was another version of Christmas. If you haven't been swayed so far, Amazon's got some new Prime Music deals to get you in the mood.

First up, if you have a music subscription with Amazon Prime then you can win one of 100 Echo speakers. All you need to do is play some music every day to increase your chances, with one entry for every day you bang out some tunes. So if you end up listening on all seven days you'd have seven entries.

You can only get one entry per day, and Amazon says you can stream for any amount of time to qualify. It also says you can't sell the Echo if you win, but that might just be some of their weird legal language. It's not like they police the mean streets of eBay.

The second offer is for those who have an Echo plan already. It's an upgrade offer to save up to £30 on their yearly subscription of Amazon Music's family plan. You can either chose two months free, which saves you £29.98 or you can buy a year's subscription for £119 - reduced from £149.  Amazon says the annual deal is best value because it equates to £9.92 per month. The catch being you have to cough-up for the whole year in advance. To redeem this offer, when you sign up use the code FAMILY.

Also, if you want an individual plan then you can pay for a year in advance and save £10. The code for that is IND10 and will mean you're paying £69.99 per year instead of £79.99. It works out to £5.75 per month, which is a bargain for access to 40 million songs.

The final part of the music deal is for non-customers, and runs the rest of the year too. Sign up to Music Unlimited and get four months service for £0.99. You can sign up on an Echo too, but that deal is £3.99 per month for a single device. You can only get this deal via an Echo device though, just ask Alexa and she'll set it up for you.

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