Animated Game of Thrones Prequel Tackles the Mystery of the Doom of Valyria

By Beth Elderkin on at

Game of Thrones will be over in two years, but HBO is already peering around the corner for what’s next. The network is working on at least four spinoffs, with George R.R. Martin pitching in on a couple of them. We have no clue what they’ll be about yet (although Dunk & Egg seems like a shoo-in), but one animated video is making a case for one of A Song of Ice and Fire’s most mysterious tales: The Doom of Valyria.

Patrick McCarthy recently shared a 20-minute animated concept pilot for a Doom of Valyria series, which dives into the history of the Valyrian Freehold, the Targaryens, and what led to the downfall of one of the realm’s greatest civilisations. Given the story’s inspiration is the Fall of Rome, Doom of Valyria leans heavily into Greek and Roman design, highlighting the strong parallels between the two tales.

The episode centres around Gaemon and Daenys, a Targaryen brother and sister who are about to be married. In this version of the story, this is the first high incestuous marriage in the Freehold, causing some conflicts and controversy. There are also rumours that Valyrian slaves working in the mines are starting to get aggressive, leading people to fear that they might revolt. I won’t spoil what happens, but the episode ends on a cliffhanger that indicates Doom for the Valyrian Freehold.

McCarthy, known for his Stewie Potter YouTube series, wrote that it took him two years to create the video and hopes that it might inspire HBO’s next series. That likely won’t happen, but it’s great to see someone tackling one of my favorite mysteries in A Song of Ice and Fire. Check out the video below.


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