Aston Martin Boss Says 2040 Petrol Car Ban is Absurd

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of Aston Martin isn't particularly pleased with the UK government's apparent ambition of banning petrol and diesel cars by the year 2040, as he thinks this shows a lack of support for our car industry and will make it practically impossible to test fossil fuel vehicles destined for sale overseas.

Chief exec Andy Palmer told the FT that it's an "absurd" move and that if the government's going to force through legislation to outlaw petrols and diesels it needs to offer more assistance to carmakers, as there's a huge gap between where we are in terms of petrol development and battery creation. Palmer says we need to become a battery-producing powerhouse before binning the fossil fuels, saying: "...if you walk round any battery factory in China, we're 10 years behind them."

He also explained the quandary with: " car buyers around the world in 2040 will still require gasoline engines. If your home market suddenly bans gasoline, then really practically speaking, where are we going to test the things?"

Dunno. China? [FT]

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