BBC Goes Big on Children's TV With £34m of Extra Cash

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC has revealed its Annual Plan for the 2017/18 year, with the key element being a refreshed push into creating content for children that'll see £34m more put into children's TV and general small person content over the next three years.

The plan itself says that most of the additional money is going to generate old fashioned video output for CBeebies and CBBC, although some will be funneled into the vague online world. That's probably going to be good news for a few vloggers hoping to get a bit of a lift, as the BBC says the online element of the spend is to go on ", live online programme extensions and clips, pics, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, quizzes, guides, games and apps."

Tony Hall, the master of it all, too big to fall and dropping money like a waterfall, said: "The new funding we’ve announced today for our Children’s services -- the biggest investment for a generation -- will help us ensure we can maintain our reputation for world-class programmes across our linear channels, but also increasingly offer a personalised online offering for our younger viewers." [BBC]

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