BBC Micro Bit Can Be Used To Hijack A Drone, If You're A World-Class Hacker

By Ian Morris on at

In a talked entitled "Weaponizing the BBC Micro Bit", senior security researcher a Econocom Digital Security, Damien Cauquil, demonstrated how attaching the Micro Bit to a drone controller handset could be used to take control of someone else's quadcopter.

The hack works by using the Micro Bit as a wireless sniffer, something that the modestly-powered device can do surprisingly well. Using publically available software Cauquil showed that he could program the Micro Bit to send commands to another drone, and override the owner's control.

Cauquil said that the Micro Bit, paired with some Python code - which the device supports - make it better at over-the-air sniffing than some dedicated hacking devices. He said it has taken him a few months to hack the device to be useful in this way, but the fact that it's based on a well-known 2.4GHz wireless chip by Nordic Semiconductor made it a good choice for hacking.

Other things Cauquil has achieved with the tiny device include a keystroke sniffer for wireless keyboards as well as being ideal for tapping into some proprietary 2.4GHz signals found on other devices. As this frequency is mostly unregulated across the world, there's quite a bit of naughtiness you can achieve with his tools. [via TechRadar and The Register]

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