BBC Pay Data Shows One Graham Norton = Four Clare Baldings

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's the day the BBC reveals the salaries of its top talent, with the broadcaster and its presenting stars preparing to be shamed by the amount its top stars receive.

The data appears to show a massive gulf between pay rates for male and female stars that's going to be extremely hard to put a positive spin on, no matter how many of them magically regenerate into women. Jeremy Vine, who does angry phone-ins about cyclists, earns around £700,000 per year, whereas Fiona Bruce takes home just over half that for doing that thing about old wardrobes and the odd interesting documentary.

Another obvious male winner is self-interrupting Hollywood pal Graham Norton, who is said to take home between £850,000 and £899,000 each year, a figure that's getting on for double the £499k maximum earnings of similar light entertainment niche inhabitant -- and the BBC's best paid woman -- Claudia Winkleman.

Other male/female divides of note include that of sporting presenters Gary Lineker and Clare Balding, with Lineker getting around £1.75m for that thing about football that's probably still on; a stark contrast to Clare Balding and her top rate of just (ahem) £200,000 for presenting the coverage of all the other sports.

Chris Evans is the highest paid BBC star of them all, taking home up to £2.25m each year for being cheerful on the radio and shouting too much about cars in a warehouse. [BBC]

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