Build This DIY Cannon to Catch Rogue Drones

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Unlike an RC car that will simply crash into a wall if you lose control, an expensive drone can potentially fly for miles after it stops heeding your remote’s commands. But while a shotgun can blast your treasured robot out of the sky before causes any trouble, this net-firing, air-powered, anti-drone cannon seems like a much safer solution.

YouTube’s Make it Extreme has created an in-depth video detailing almost every step required to build this anti-drone cannon, but without narration, just a royalty-free soundtrack packed full of “that tune sounds vaguely familiar” songs. So if you actually want to build one of these, head on over to the Make it Extreme website where you can buy and download detailed plans.

The cannon will probably work equally well on annoying kids, yappy dogs, and pigeons, but you’ll want to refrain from pointing it at the noisy neighbourhood drone that keeps buzzing your property. No matter how annoying it might be, shooting down an aircraft—any type of aircraft, with any type of weapon—is straight-up illegal. There’s a bit of a legal grey area if you’re taking a drone down for self-defence reasons, but your safest recourse is to just treat your drone-flying neighbour with as much passive aggressiveness as possible.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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